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Over the late spring and summer of 2018, I published a three part series of postings that go into some detail the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on the European Union’s European Banking Authority (EBA) directive

  Many of you, no doubt, have heard of the European Union’s European Banking Authority (or EBA) directive called PSD2 (short for Payment Services Directive). These guidelines were originally published at the end of 2015.

Welcome to the 11th annual edition and 2018 version of my Mobile Industry Predictions. Once again, I’m delighted to share my thoughts and prognostications about how the overall mobile industry will fare. I can say that

Recently, I read a posting, titled: The Days of 2FA SMS (and A2P) Are Numbered on a site called no jitter. I’ve linked it, if you want to read it yourself, but the author basically

In late July 2016, there were a significant number of news stories that have “declared the end of 2FA over SMS,” as the US NIST has recommended that the Out-of-Band delivery channel of SMS for

This is a piece about mobile messaging – SMS to be precise. Remember SMS, that mobile messaging medium that has been decimated by non-SMS chat applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and many others? Well,

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the record-breaking annual get-together of over 108,000 attendees in Barcelona, Spain, interested in mobile, 5G, connected cars, devices, augmented reality, virtual reality, cloud computing, IoT, and much, much more. As

I published my first set of mobile predictions in January 2008. This is my tenth installment. My blog has had several iterations since it was initially part of the Sybase company blog space (we were

Over the past few years interesting phenomena has been occurring in the United States as well as Canada. Consumers continue to text each other (called Person-to-Person or P2P); however, unlike in many other regions such

Worldwide, SMS-based mobile messaging continues to evolve and innovate. Nowhere is this more apparent than in A2P or enterprise messaging. Numerous analysts have forecast that enterprise messaging (or A2P messaging as it is sometimes called)