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Quite recently I’ve been impressed by a blog post by Eric Petersen, describing a better logging solution for ABAP OO. However, while this approach definitely addresses quantitative part of the problem, in terms of squashing

Death Notice For those that have not heard yet: Adobe has effectively (even if not officially) dumped its Flex technology. Some time between 2011 and 2012 Flex SDK has been donated to Apache Software Foundation

The Motivation For some time, a few years now, I’ve been haunted by an increasing feeling about SAP UI. And what I mean refers not only to good old SAP GUI but also newer inventions

Microsoft BizTalk 2009: A deadly competition to SAP PI, fast and flexible, armed with all kinds of adapters, including proprietary protocols. Performant and unbelievably adaptive as it is, still, MS BizTalk remains a messaging-based middleware. This

Suppose You have a need for loading data into arbitrary tables in SAP (OLTP, not OLAP). Just for clarification: in this scenario it is not about using official external business interfaces (BAPI / Enterprise Services) and

[JSON | http://json.org/], as stated on its website, is a lightweight data interchange format. Surprisingly, despite JSON popularity these days, there is not much material to be found on the subject of XML vs. JSON comparison

Recently I came across an interesting requirement for Smartforms. A couple of very similar forms was supposed to be created with slightly different contents but identical as regards the layout. Also, upon any current or