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One of the most typical examples for an integration scenario is the aggregation of messages, which belong semantically together, to one big message, also known as Aggregator pattern. It is also not too difficult to

Recently there have been a lot of discussions and rumors on SCN about the future of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration as well as SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management and yes, you are right, SAP wasn’t

Most probably you’ve noticed the announcement of the SAP guidelines for best-built applications that integrate with SAP Business Suite. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend getting familiar with this initiative and the document that

Hi Everyone,   You’ve most probably followed all the news about SAP’s NetWeaver Composition Environment and are eager to learn more about the details of composite applications and how to develop them with SAP NetWeaver

Does the following situation sound familiar? You have just read yet another great article about the value drivers composite applications promise, such as flexibility, adaptability, or efficiency. You are so excited about the ideas behind