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What is Mass E-Mail? Mass E-mail functionality helps the customer to send bulk emails to their recipients (Target Groups) which can be News, Updates or Alarms. How does Mass E-Mail works? Mass E-mail campaign is

1. What is the difference between Responsive UI(Fiori client ) and HTML5? Responsive UI(Fiori client ) is targeted for the Business Users or End Users. This UI does not provide scope for Administration activities which is

Session Handling for Multiple Logon How it works? Log in to Device A with a user id A Now open any record for example, open an Account and try to Edit any data Now go

How adaptation is done in HTML5: Log in to HTML5. Click on Adapt. Edit Master Layout or Edit Page layout. The adaptations done here will have effect on HTML5, Responsive UI and Silverlight. Tickets work

Reproducing the Issue Log in to the tenant in Responsive UI Go to Visits Select Map view Here there is a option called “Locate Me” on the top right corner of the Map. When clicking

1) What are the Types of Layout? Master – Which will be applied for all the users Page layout – will be applied for users of a business role for which the layout is assigned 2) Who