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This is the second bog in a series. First blog can be accessed by clicking here. In this blog, I will discuss the second material/cost centre movement app we had developed. Step 1: Create document

In this blog series, I will discuss two custom cost centre movement apps that we developed. Reasons behind developing custom apps rather than modifying/extending existing apps were following Standard app processes only one material per

This blog is about automating a utility in ECC which you can use to set up close-by store/plants. This utility can be accessed via txn wsd_cbp. One of the places this “Closeness” is used is

Count stock and Manage Stock Counting are two apps that can be used to count stock at stores/plant/warehouse etc. Framework Idea behind these apps is to get rid of the paperwork and delays associated with

There is a standard “Trusted Receive” app which we wanted to use, but existing process setup and business requirements were such that we ended up developing a custom app. This blog discusses the custom inbound delivery

We developed this app as part of a “Order online – pickup at Store” effort. Business Process Summary Web order is created via Hybris and a corresponding order is created in ECC, which is then

This is the 4th and last blog in the series “FIORI Implementation Simplified”. Part 1 was about  landscape and usability of standard apps, and can be accessed by clicking here. Part 2 was about development environment and

This is 3rd blog in the series “FIORI Implementation Simplified”. In part 1 we discussed landscape and usability of standard apps and in part 2 we talked about development environment.  Part 2 can be accessed

First, why I chose to write about this app. Of all the apps I have looked at, this is an app where most of the functionality works right out of box, with little to no

This blog is second part of the discussion. In first part we discussed FIORI Landscape and usability of standard FIORI UI/Apps in our FIORI implementation. In this part we will discuss following topics 1. Skill