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This blog series is about the device enrollment process that I architected at a recent project. Business requirement was to have a device enrolled as part of a customer group before it ships out to

This blog is continuation of my earlier blog about integration with Amazon and Macy’s. In this part, I’ll discuss integration with e-commerce website, various payment vendors, Gift Card vendor and Sales Force. Following process flow

Background This project was initiated to integrate directly with three E-commerce vendors. Earlier, these vendors were using a tool called PFSWEB to integrate with SAP and other backend systems. These vendors were Amazon Macy’s Company’s

We developed this app as part of a “Order online – pickup at Store” effort. Business Process Summary Web order is created via Hybris and a corresponding order is created in ECC, which is then

This is the second bog in a series. First blog can be accessed by clicking here. In this blog, I will discuss the second material/cost centre movement app we had developed. Step 1: Create document

In this blog series, I will discuss two custom cost centre movement apps that we developed. Reasons behind developing custom apps rather than modifying/extending existing apps were following Standard app processes only one material per

Count stock and Manage Stock Counting are two apps that can be used to count stock at stores/plant/warehouse etc. Framework Idea behind these apps is to get rid of the paperwork and delays associated with

There is a standard “Trusted Receive” app which we wanted to use, but existing process setup and business requirements were such that we ended up developing a custom app. This blog discusses the custom inbound delivery

This is the 4th and last blog in the series “FIORI Implementation Simplified”. Part 1 was about  landscape and usability of standard apps, and can be accessed by clicking here. Part 2 was about development environment and

This is 3rd blog in the series “FIORI Implementation Simplified”. In part 1 we discussed landscape and usability of standard apps and in part 2 we talked about development environment.  Part 2 can be accessed