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Vivek Priyadarshi

Once you have completed the prerequisites described in previous section(Roadmap to transitioning from BDC on ME32K to using RFC for service outline agreements  )and created a mapping program to map the input parameters of RFC

I recently worked on a project which involved investigating the possibility of getting rid of BDC on ME32K that was being used to create outline agreement. Now that the project is live i am writing

SAP has  introduced support for search help as a data source since version SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 SPS 08. This blog servers as a step by step guide to implemented an Odata service for elementary

The previous two blogs of this series have covered vendor master table and screen enhancement (part1) and the vendor master update api class (part2) used to update vendor master. This final part will cover the

The last section (part1) covered the steps required to enhance vendor master( table/screens ). In this section I will demonstrate the procedure to update the custom fields of vendor master and generate change pointers for

I recently worked on a project which entailed enhancing vendor master, updating CREMAS04 Idoc with a new segment for custom records and finally being able to generate IDOCS with new segment when these custom fields