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In my previous blog, we have seen crucial points you should factor before going for upgrade/migration of your existing SAP Solution Manager 7.1. Now let us go through some of the Functional aspects you must

We all agree that, the nature and dynamics of IT organization running SAP solutions are changing rapidly pace. The business is requesting more functionalities and new capabilities from IT. IT leaders have lots of catch

Fellow Members, Background: It’s been a quite a long time, I was in a kind of hibernation from SCN. I thought of sharing some interesting stuffs I learnt recently. I use the term ‘interesting’ since,

Fellow Members, In this blog, I would like to share my experience with recent Change Request Management projects. I read a blog on ChaRM on a Developers perspective and I liked it and it was

Taking a cue from Daniyar Kulmanov on possibility of using BRF+ with ChaRM, I tried the automatic Change Manager determination from BRF+ framework. It worked ! and here is the procedure to achieve it; The

There has been a significant improvement in the Quality Gate Management area in SP10 which did not make it to headlines as other features did. In SP10, QGM has been armed with Urgent Change concept

After reading my previous blog, I hope now you have fair idea on what the PPM and ChaRM integration is all about. Now let’s get bit technical and see the step by step procedures for

When we used  the Solution Manager projects (SM Projects) for Change Request Management, there was a need for a bigger project management tool which would help us in managing the IT Projects in more structured

The report AC_ALRT_ANALYSIS_TOOLS provides the plethora of tools to troubleshoot Technical Monitoring issues in 7.1. However most of us would get confused with the new jargons that we come across while troubleshooting. Hence I decided

This blog explains the end to end process of Test Management Option 3 in SAP Solution Manager, valid to SP07. In the underlying blog I explain the process of exchange of business processes, business requirements,