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Witalij Rudnicki

Last month I did a SAP CodeJam in Walldorf (this is where SAP is headquartered) on the topic of Geospatial with SAP HANA. One of my questions to local participants was “What country has the

Yesterday, we had our 3rd anniversary meetup of Wrocław SAP Community. Our tireless Paweł Grześkowiak (who was the host of the meetup as well) presented the topic of “ABAP Tips and Tricks”. It was a good

[Have you noticed recently this kind of titles appearing in more and more media outlets? They make me sick, but often make me seeking for the news as well 🙂 So, I am just curious

Last week I told my teammate Abdel DADOUCHE about using SAP HANA geospatial capabilities to calculate the center of continents, and that based on those calculations the centroid of Europe is in Belarus and the middle point is

And here by “extreme points” we mean “the geographical points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location in Europe” [Wikipedia]. Sorry if you expected to find locations for some extreme

Yesterday I had a great pleasure to have a lunch with Artur Górnik, one of HANA “black belts” in SAP MEE region. He did a customer workshop the day before here in Wrocław. And then our

The autumn is in the full swing here in Wrocław. Cold and rainy. But let me bring us back to one hot (like +34°C hot) summer day in Croatia. With my family we visited the

Last Saturday was really lovely in Wrocław: sunny and blue sky. Yet 60 people get together in the local Capgemini office for a day of learning, networking and fun – the third SAP Inside Track

Not long after European CodeJam Tour to bring SAP Vora to developers I hit the road again – this time driving to Vienna to join local developers and to help them starting with IoT Services at SAP