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In my previous #GeospatialTuesday blog Calculating a path from IoT GPS data I shared how to create a LineString representing a path connecting the points represented by two decimal columns with latitude and longitude in the table.

Last week I had a pleasure of doing another SAP CodeJam on the topic of SAP HANA and geospatial data processing. This time in Istanbul. My plane landed in Atatürk Airport, which is located in European

On May 19 we had our 4th SAP Inside Track organized here in Wrocław, Poland (#sitWRO 2018). The road to it was as usual. I found this chart in some old article online about 10 years ago, yet it

Are you interested in getting into the exciting world of processing geospatial data using SQL capabilities of SAP HANA? it is easy to start with creating your own instance of SAP HANA, express edition and

It is finally time to get back to last month’s Get to know your neighbors with SAP HANA and to the comment from Ethan Jewett: “Yeah, these measurements are all significantly shorter than the official border lengths,

It’s been busy week. That’s why #GeospatialTuesday entry is coming on Friday. Better late than never. The week started with QCon conference in London, where I talked about and demoed geospatial data processing using SAP