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Before I begin I will provide a brief layout of this weblog so you can get straight to where you need.  The weblog will begin by focusing on the main topic, which is how to install

Recently I was working on a port of an application entitled the Sample RTE (Run-Time Environment) 1.2.2.  This application is a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) 1.2 compliant LMS (Learning Management System), originally built

So, we’re in the midst of doing our upgrade to SP12, and it has been nothing short of bug-filled. SP12, although a far superior product to SP9 and predecessors in the Enterprise Portal realm, has

I was working on some new development, but mistakenly created my objects in the wrong folder structure based on established standards at work. Unfortunately I’d already migrated this content (roles, worksets, pages and iViews, including

This weblog is meant as a follow up to the original weblog by Prakash Singh of Universal Systems Technologies, Inc. The core code described in this weblog was written by Prakash, who has given me

At Suncor, we are heading close to the end of our long, and very event-filled migration from Ep5 (Sp6) to Ep6 (Sp9). We are approaching a go-live in March and keeping our fingers crossed. Whilst

Currently Suncor is in the process of upgrading from Ep5 (Sp6) to Ep6 (Sp9). After we’d migrated the content into our Ep6 environments (at Stack 4 for the migration), most content seemed to come across

First of all this weblog is meant more as a driver for discussion rather than an attempt to sound like it’s the answer to all your problems – which it most certainly is not.<br><br>  The

I’ve been around the open source community for a very short time and have never personally involved myself in any open source projects. On the other hand, I’ve been involved in software development teams whereby

Recently I was tasked with the requirement of replacing an existing KM iView that pointed to Publication content in the Suncor portal with a XML form-based solution. If you’re already with me, you know we’re