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C4C Analytics already offers Relative selects for selection parameters in the Reports – be it standard reports or custom ones. Typically, the relative selects related to Authorizations are already offered by SAP – eg: My

This is a short blog to explain how you can show 3 levels of Territories in the same report. Eg: on a Visits Report, if you want to show the Territory associated with the Visit,

In C4C you can create custom reports where you can specify selection values that are fixed at design time and are not changeable during the runtime execution of the report. This can be done when

This blog aims to discuss the situation where there are conflicting Role privileges and on top of that if there are conflicting Page Layout privileges, how does the system determine the privileges that finally get

Hi Everyone In my previous blog Creating and embedding a hierarchical report in C4C I talked about how to create a Hierarchical report in C4C In this blog let us look at how to embed

Hi Everyone, This blog talks about how to create a hierarchical report in C4C and the next blog Embedding a hierarchical report in C4C would talk about how to embed this with contextual information in

In the previous blog Recommendations for addressing the n+1 landscape – Approach 3  we talked about using the SWITCH option. In this blog we talk about the final approach, Commenting out the code   Approach 4:

In the previous blog, Recommendations for Addressing the n+1 landscape – Approach 2 we talked about the scenario where only new objects were being created in the new phase of development. In this Blog we

In the previous blog Recommendations for Addressing the n+1 landscape – Approach 1  we talked about the approach using direct production bug fixes. In this Blog, we talk about the approach when the next wave of

Approaches to address continuous development on objects across releases   This blog series talks about the scenarios in C4C where you need to address the following:   – Phase 1 (P1): You have a Dev