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Vikas Venugopal

We are pleased to announce a new paper on Collaborative Campaign Management. Here is an excerpt. Click the URL above to download the complete paper. The importance of “touch points” is key in the discussion

Previously we looked at Partner Channel Management – Channel Marketing and its importance. In the blog, we discussed how SAP CRM Marketing and SAP CRM Partner Channel Management together improve Marketing Efficiency and Marketing Effectiveness,

The Storyline   So far, we have run a very successful Campaign Management with Channel Partners that have generated several Lead Management with Channel Partners. The partner sales teams have been successful in converting a

Now that we have seen an overview of Partner Channel Management – Channel Marketing and Campaign Management with Channel Partners, we are now in the sales/presales step of our story.. The Storyline Let’s recap what

Having kick started our look at SAP CRM Partner Channel Management’s Partner Channel Management – Channel Marketing solution, it is now time to explore the features and business scenarios that form the core of Channel Marketing. Proceeding

Partner Channel Management Partner Channel Management (PCM) is more than just managing your relationships with Partners. The philosophy is to bring together SAP’s strength in Customer Relationship Management with Partner Relationship Management and Web Channel