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Vijay Venkataraman

In this blog we will see how to adjust the Orders booked amount for RAR relevant Sales Orders. We noticed that the Orders Booked amount that we see in the KE30 report after the initial

In this blog we will discuss about automatic contract combination. By standard every operation document is created as an individual SAP RAR contract. Later after the Contracts are created we can manually combine them into

This blog explains about the steps needed to add fields that are not part of the standard RAI structure delivered by SAP. This is the first step if you want to use your own fields

Common Errors in SAP RAR During the recent days I have been working on SAP RAR and finally managed to get to an extend where we are now able to understand the basic in the

Hi All In this blog I will explain about the simple steps needed to integrate SAP RAR 1.2 with Cost object Controlling. Overview: Step 1 – Implement the note 2242051 Step 2 – Maintain Table V_TKKA_RR_AC Step

Hello all, In this blog I will explain how to add cost center as additional parameter to the DP93 screen. In our case we have cost booking done on the Cost center and we needed

I was searching for reports which can give up a report of Vendor classification used in vendore master.This blog is about getting the report for vendor classification in the Vendor master data. Also you can

Custom Screen in Transaction Manager – TM_61/ 62/63 In this Blog, lets see how to enhance a the transaction manager screen using a BADI. Basically adding a new custom tab. Transaction manager is TM_61. The

There are standard BADI and configurations that enable us to add the fields in AR tables in the Partner level of the Collections work list but. There is no standard way to add the fields