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As we all know , SAP released S/4HANA 1809 version few days back. So, with that we wanted to activate 1809 Best Practices system. In this blog, i am listing down the steps to activate

There has been a shift in the way business applications are developed with the availability of SAP HANA. Idea is to move logic (code) as much as possible to the Database so as to get

In my last blog, Creation of Custom Extractors , I explained how to create a custom extractor using database table or view. But sometimes requirement are such that we need  some custom fields also along

Recently I came across a requirement to create a completely new custom Report tree from scratch.I was aware of how to make minor changes in existing Report tree but had never created one from scratch.

In this Blog i am going to talk about the creation of Custom BI extarctors. But before that a question arises,  What are Extractors or BI Extractors? Isn’t it??. Extractors are used to extract data

While data migration, sometimes we come across requirements which need BDC programs to be developed to upload the data in Mass, but sometimes even BDC program or LSMW recording is not feasible like in case

While working on different user requirements, we often feel the need to see how data will look like if we extract data using multiple tables. Normally what we do, we extract data from one table

Data Processing Using ABAP code in LSMW Before heading towards where and how we can process data using ABAP code I will explain in brief about data migration steps and where LSMW fits in it.