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Venkata Raghu Banda

The updated version of the HANA cloud image for SAP Predictive Analytics hosted on AWS is now available in the SAP store. Like in the earlier version of the cloud image, customers and partners can

The version 5 of the Predictive Analytics RDS is released in August.  There are now about 30 different scenarios available across 9 different domains. Around 4 lines of business such as Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing,

Continuing from our earlier blog where I talked about how to access the HANA cloud image on AWS for Predictive Analytics, herewith I am attaching a short 20min video which explains the complete process. What

Continuing from our earlier blog where I talked about the new HANA cloud image (hosted on AWS) that was available to test a few predictive analytics scenarios, I would now like to take a few

The wait is over! On Feb 27th 2015, we released the first HANA cloud image of SAP Predictive Analytics. Now SAP Predictive Analytics scenarios can be simulated and run on the AWS cloud in the

The Predictive Analytics rapid-deployment solution has been thru’ a long journey and the version 4 of the solution is released this week on Feb 23rd 2015. Some of the highlights include – Additional use cases

Customer science is changing the way we look and anticipate the customer needs. And the Analytics space has grown quite a lot in the last few years. The analytic tools have progressed from a “sense