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An integration scenario completely models the exchange of messages for a collaborative process and provides an overview of the process flow. The integration scenario provides you with a central point of access for all objects

Introduction: SAP XI Message Mapping internally uses SAX parser which has a number of advantages when it comes to mapping: 1) It can handle large messages, meaning it has no size limitations on messages. 2)

Suppose we have a flat file that looks like this: “V00″,01,”VEN”,999000,272727,09“A11″,”VR”,13245,20050“A11″,”VR”,12345,90090“A27″,”VR00027” With various field lengths and have a variable number of substructures for Recordset Structure, then the substructures can occur multiple times,must be identified by

Configuration the contents in Integration Directory The relevant objects are structured, organized, and saved in the Integration Directory in the form of configuration objects. The Integration Directory is structured around the cross-system task areas.1) Collaboration

Here specifics of SLD are not covered.Scenario is simple the csv file is picked up by the file adapter from a business system and posted on to the same system using file adapter.At the end