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Veeraraghavan Vijayarajan

No wonder, everyone excites about first time attending SAP TechEd && d-code. I am not an exception 🙂 I am really looking forward to the opportunity and thanks to my ‘Leadership’ to let me part

We face real estate issue when we design the dashboards such as placing the scorecards, charts and try to squeeze in too many columns. We end up facing challenge like displaying values cut off, or

Multi-selection is a widely required feature when it comes to dashboards. We have List Builder for Desktop version of dashboards. However, we dont have any choice for mobile dashboards. Here is the interesting work-around for

One of our clients wants to have statistics as a dashboard on iPad. The dashboard has multiple charts needs to display its title on top of the chart along with previous day’s date. I have

We have been handling the partial results of BusinessObjects Web Intelligence through different ways. However, here I woud like to suggest one of the best practices we follow which helps the end-users be aware of

Recently, we have built a dashboard for the customer who wants to have tooltip for the Combo Box. I would like to share the technique how effectively we can utilize it for Help, Tooltip just

We came across the requirement to capture All Values from an Input control so that a logic can be driven. Also, I came across few SAP forum questions. Indeed it would be very difficult to

This is part-2 of How to fix Web Intelligence errors using BEx based Universe? Soon, I will consolidate it as an article on the most common errors we are facing in Webi Intelligence reports based on BEx

<body><p>Here is this blog, which helps to fix an #UNAVAILABLE error and Date formatting in Web Intelligence from BEx based universe. </p><p># UNAVAILABLE ERROR</p><p>We usually get the error, when we use the Measures which are

Recently, we have received a requirement from a customer to display Bar graph in Web Intelligence with different colours for each group (Say Region),but interestingly using a single measure (Say Sales). Bar Graph can show the