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For some time now, there is a nagging question in my mind where the simple answer is a continuously evolving one every few weeks. Before going into the main question, Imagine this. What if you

Enterprise Data Delivery Many enterprise customers are working on or thinking about building an enterprise level data delivery platform and analytics solutions based off of that, using SAP HANA. Along with the streaming / IoT

I have covered the basic introduction of SAP HANA Vora’s environment in the blog part I. Here I will cover more detail on the architecture behind SAP HANA Vora version 1.2. The Hadoop environment is

SAP HANA Vora is a solution from SAP for handling “In-Memory processing and analysis of Big Data” on top of the Hadoop platform. Here is short introduction on the concepts of SAP HANA Vora (Version

I spent some considerable time investigating for any standard option to convert the date from JD Edwards (JDE) standard “CYYDDD” date format to the humanly recognizable Gregorian Date, but there seems to be no known

Anything of slightest importance that happens in this event filled world of ours, people generate huge data by posting their status updates on minor events like meeting a friend over lunch, or taking a personal