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Varun Vadnala

Hello All, Hope this might be useful! If you have 5fields like First Name, Last Name , Date, Place, Address. And in the above fields if you have to display both english and arabic words

If we want to check what are all the standard test print programs, test adobe forms and test interfaces provided by SAP in the system. You can find it in the folowing way. 1.Go to

Often we come across the requirement of having the same layout of form for multiple languages.The best way to achieve this is by implementing the translations. The following are the ways for translation of a

We have a requirement to have two copies. 1.Bank Copy. 2.Client Copy. The Bank copy has two pages and has pagination as 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Now our Client copy should also

Adobe forms are popular in forms area because of its wide variety of uses. The general transaction: SFP. Through SFP we can create a form as well as its interface.. Try to pass less variables

Increment of Numeric Values using Javascript in SAP Adobe forms. We might come across certain situations where we need to increment the numeric counter Dynamically. For example: We have a table of contents in order