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Vamsi Alluri

Quandl.com is a data platform that provides access to millions of financial, economic, and demographic time series datasets online. Both free and premium datasets are exposed through an API and can be consumed data directly in various

This is a short blog post to give you a clear picture of the two versions of the Data Access Extension(DAE) SDKs we currently support in SAP Lumira. If you are starting to develop a

We’ve released the Data Access Extension SDK version 2 for Lumira 1.25 a while back and this is a short blog post to get you started with developing extensions using the sample extension we’ve published

Profile files of custom visualization extensions created using VizPacker of Lumira 1.22 and below will have to be updated with a minor fix when opening them with VizPacker in Lumira 1.23. In Lumira 1.23, VizPacker