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Uwe Wortmann

Based on SAP Business All-in-One, Pharma.PerformanceREADY is the first genuinely process-oriented end-to-end solution for customers in the pharmaceuticals industry. The solution combines preconfigured SAP software and specialist knowledge with industry-specific process scenarios based on SAP

Companies are faced with different challenges. On the one hand, they need suitable SAP systems to manage their daily business. On the other hand, many restrictions exist when it comes to procuring the best IT

Project managers are confronted with an array of challenges as well as many technical and organizational issues. What are the essential project steps and project phases? At what stage will processes be synchronized with SAP

During 2009, behind-the-scenes work was undertaken to harmonize the way we project manage SAP implementations. The result is the AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) Methodology and Business Add-Ons. The new ASAP Methodology brings together the previous ASAP methodology,

What exactly is SAP Solution Manager? SAP describes the product as “a tool for implementing, operating, and upgrading IT solutions based on SAP NetWeaver.” But can a tool whose costs are included in an organization’s