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Many of the companies which manufacture their product with assembly lines (packaging lines, final assembly. sub-assembly) and run SAP, do not use SAP’s functionality to schedule the line. Even though in most cases people talk

I had the pleasure again to visit SAPPHIRENOW again… not sure how many times I have been there yet, but the first one I attended was at the Embassy Suites in Orlando in 1992. 300

The topic of MTS versus MTO comes up often and people have their own opinions about the definition, but it’s actually a very straight forward thing… isn’t it? Let’s review. The definition that makes most

As was discussed in another one of my blog posts, I deem it extremely important that the planning horizons are respected and specific activities are carried out in specific zones. Along those lines I’d like

Have you ever wondered why planners tend to rather use a safety stock with MRP Type ‘PD’ to buffer variability, as opposed to a reorder procedure? Oftentimes PD is used across the board and no

Sometimes I wonder how much flexibility, great thought and opportunity for business improvement was packed into SAP-ERP. Yes, it’s not the new, flashy poster child of SAP, but it has an enormous amount of functionality

SAP software provides excellent planning functions and capabilities. But before you can effectively use them one must define the planning horizons… some people, as I have seen often, do not necessarily mind if they’re in

For a long time now, I have been involved with materials planning with SAP in so many industries. We’ve all been trying so many functions and features available in SAP and in a long time…

When you’re in the business of manufacturing parts that you sell through a catalogue, chances are you’re a repetitive manufacturer. And if you produce the same product over and over on a mixed model line,

I am seeing a positive trend within the SAP eco system, of clients better understanding what their options are when it comes to repetitive manufacturing. As we all know, SAP’s Repetitive was developed much later