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Personal Access Token (PAT) is an authentication method that is becoming more and more common among different content management systems and web service providers. Most common Git servers now offer PAT as an additional means

SAP Web IDE automatically creates services required by the MTA application. For example, let’s imagine that you have an SAP HANA database module in your MTA, and that the HDB module requires a resource: an hdi-container (this resource and the dependency is described

Build Selected Files (aka Selective Build) SAP HANA Development in SAP Web IDE   When developing SAP HANA database modules in SAP Web IDE (both on-premise and in the cloud) you need to “build” the

In this blog post I describe two common Git flows (merge and rebase). I will purposely add conflicts to these flows so I can then show you how to resolve them and continue with the

Note: Not all capabilities described in this blog post are available in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. Some are still in development and will be available in future releases. I’d like to help illustrate the new

Gateway Productivity Accelerator (GWPA) is a huge success among mobile developers who want to create fast, great looking, robust mobile apps that consume business data from SAP systems. GWPA consumption tools provide toolkits for creating