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Introduction In Solution Manager 7.2, when confirming a BPMon alert (or in fact any alert) in the alert inbox, you can choose an alert classification and an alert category. These allow you to provide context

Introduction In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, Business Process Monitoring is no longer integrated with the Service Level Reporting function. Instead, you can use the OCC Alert Reporting and the Dashboard Builder to display whether your

In Solution Manager 7.2, the configuration of Business Process Monitoring (BPMon) is tightly integrated with the solution documentation. Usually, BPMon objects are created in the Operations branch and never released from there. This can lead

When using Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager, it is sometimes required that alerts should be separated by organizational units (e.g. sales orgs) so that each organizational unit is informed individually about their status and

The Service Marketplace pages for Business Process Operations will stop being available in the very near future. This means that accessing information via the pages http://service.sap.com/bpops http://service.sap.com/bpm http://service.sap.com/bpimp http://service.sap.com/dcm http://service.sap.com/jsm will no longer be possible.

As of Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, you have the option to use Business Process Monitoring on MAI. This new Business Process Monitoring function uses the monitoring and alerting infrastructure, which is quite different from the

For many years you’ve had the option to monitor the successful execution of your core business process via classic Business Process Monitoring. As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, you also have the choice to