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Last week we celebrated our sitNL 10th anniversary. How time flies 😃 Some 2018 records: Number of participants: 100 Number of speakers: 31 Number of episodes: 10 (woohoo 🎉) Thanks to all of you who

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to announce the agenda for #sitNL’s 10th anniversary. It is a fully packed one so we will have lots of Sharing, Learning and Inspiring. And sure we will

SAP TechEd Experiences by Jan Penninkhof and me. A day with: The SAP TechEd pre conference Deciding what to wear SAP Mentors & friends reception with Marina Pontjakova Some great #sitNL memories by DJ Adams, Gregor

SAP TechEd Experiences by Jan Penninkhof and me,   A day with: A double espresso to start the day (of course) #sitNL memories by Mr.X. Malin Liden, Matthias Steiner, Christian Braukmüller SAP TechEd highlights by Alex Bulat

#SAPTechEd Barcelona Experiences by Jan Penninkhof and me. A day with: 5K run Conversational AI Fiori 3 SAP Cloud Platform by Matthias Steiner Waterwatch Rainforest Connection Mini CodeJam SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Erno Rorive from

An early rise at #SAPTechEd Barcelona, day 1 to get to #SAPMentors breakfast. SAP TechEd Experiences by Jan Penninkhof and me. A day with: an SAP Mentors breakfast keynote by Bjoern Goerke workshop SAP Cloud

SAP Inside Track Netherlands, #sitNL in short, turns 10 this year. I’m so proud that our SAP community makes it possible to run this event for already 10 years. Since the beginning sitNL is scheduled

🥁 … Drum roll … 🥁 Here are the 2018 finalists for the UI5Top5. Happy to see so many cool community initiatives, trials that became pro looking apps, professional apps, new controls, … My ask

A UI5 Top 5 belongs to a UI5con, that’s why we have decided to announce the UI5 Top 5 at the UI5con in St. Leon-Rot on June 22nd 2018. The search for a new UI5

Remember last years SAPUI5 Top 5? Well, here’s the announcement for a new SAP Community Competition – The UI5 Top5 edition 2018. UI5 Top 5 – 2018 It is that time of the year to