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T. Jay Karaca

Firstly I like new SCN. It’s great to see and watch what people are doing and talking about! I have a recommendation about Connections. We follow SCN members –  followings – , and other SCN

We had a problem like that an inbound EDI document came into SAP and remained in status 62 or 64.  Status 62 means ‘IDOC passed to application‘ and status 64 means ‘IDOC ready to be

I have used BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY in iWay project to create CheckMaterialAvailability web service.  Firstly let’s look at its documentation: Using this function module, you can determine the receipt quantity still available for a particular material in

When we worked with iWay Consultants, they were using a word ‘Canonical‘. I didn’t know what canonical means! All right I’m not a native English speaker, but even one of our American coworkers asked them

I think all SAP technical folks are familiar with SDN (SAP Developer Network). SDN is the most exciting job that SAP has ever made. SDN is a platform, a portal where all SAP tech people

I decided to give you a list of standard SAP programs that every ABAP developer should know. As you know that as a consultant or a user, you memorize a lot of transaction codes. But

What is RICEF? This is not an interview question!   You can see RICEF acronym, when you look at the most SAP ABAP Developer job position descriptions; and you can sometimes encounter RICE version of

Question 9: What is the difference between Batch Input and CALL TRANSACTION? Batch Input and CALL TRANSACTION are both data transfer methods. Batch Input usually are used to transfer large amount of data. For example

Question 2: What is Open SQL vs Native SQL? Question 3:What does an EXEC SQL statement do in ABAP? What is the disadvantage of using it?   If you write a business application, there is

SAP Folks, it is time to play game. Even you can win a prize by playing the game. SAP INFO Magazine has a competition called SAP INFO Soccer Competition. Don’t wait start SAP INFO’s Genius’