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Trinadh Reddy Badvel

For Example: EmpMonth needs to be displayed in the report which was not present in the infocube. Infocube has a data for Emp Date is (YYYYMMDD) 99999999 Below Screen Shot  give the information about the

Generic Delta in Generic Datasource: Lower Limit (LL) Upper Limit (UL)    For suppose if we set Lower Limit (LL) as “0”.It will take both 06.06.2013 and 05.06.2013 dates because  before current date (06.06.2013) is

Step 1 Go to T-code SE38 and execute the program RSDG_MPRO_ACTIVATE. Step 2 Select Object Version as A, Select option button as Selection and give Multiprovider name. Tick the check box for Display application Log.

Step 1 Go to T-code SE38 and execute the program RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE. Step 2 Give Transformation ID and put Object status as INA (Inactive) and tick the Use M Version of DTP so that it can

Click on Create Message and create Process Variant to the Particular Process Type.Like that create for all process types. In this process chain, we have created Alert messages for all process types. Each process type

                                                                      IF..ELSE..THEN functions in BEX     For suppose, the query has if, else and then functions Limitations: There is no specific function for IF. If we specify Condition like *0 + 1 then the condition