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Fellow SAPProcurement enthusiasts Its been a while blogging in the SCN SRM space, much like my current thirst for a ideal hybrid platform, even my thought-process focus has spread across the broader SAP Procurement landscape

Originally posted in Ariba Exchange…..Bill McDermott gave goosebumps with a true showman opening to #SAPPHIRENOW with #runsimple emphasis to the keynote…a keynote as enjoyable and significant like a Steve Jobs Apple Keynote His statement “When

In this blog I have articulated how my Cross Catalog search initiative project to connect disparate Catalogs resulted in adopting the Cloud Commerce Ariba Network catalogs. In the past several weeks I have been doing

1.0  Overview In the past couple implementations of SAP SRM 7.0, customers have constantly and repeatedly asked these questions: Do we go to the BRF – process controlled workflow with our new implementation? We are

1.0 Overview My favorite topic in Procurement these days, the SAP + Ariba Story, this is standing out to be one of the biggest challenge and benefit story for SAP and Ariba together. I have

1.0 Overview: The wait is over The wait is over and you have what you need to take your SAP Procurement transactions into the Ariba Business Network Cloud with the Rapid deployment solution for the

1.0 Topic Overview & Context Setting SAP acquired Ariba; it was a mixed feeling for many and a great vision context setting for the rest. There are several blogs that explain to you the numbers,

I was asked to blogitforward from comrades Greg Myers and Kristen Scheffler thanks guys for your own decipher of your own life in your golden words, Indeed, I have learnt so much about you guys