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Welcome to part three on creating data access extensions (DAE) for Lumira Desktop. As mentioned in my first blog the DAE takes input in the form of command line arguments and outputs both a data

As promised from part one to this blog I am going to have the good stuff up top this time. Day two it was my 13 year old daughter, Robyn, who spent the day with

As a kid were you lucky to spend a day at work with one of your parents? Well my kids, lucky or not, got to do that with me, and I would like to share

I love getting interesting questions thrown my way, it gives me the opportunity to not only learn something new, but also find out what Crystal Reports users are trying to do, and just how functional

So you want to create a simple application in PowerBuilder .NET to view, export and print Crystal Reports? Well this is the information for you. This will be a step-by-step guide in how to accomplish

When I first started supporting Crystal Reports and its SDKs, I specialized in some of the lesser used developer tools such as Delphi, PowerBuilder, Visual FoxPro, Dbase, Paradox and a few others. Last year when

Most of the time web printing is done client side; so the end user goes to their local printer to pick up their reports. However I run into questions from developers whose business needs require

I have been hesitating writing a blog concerning the differences in printing from a .NET application and Crystal Reports designer for a bit. My hesitation in this was due to the chance that this will

The search functionality of SAP Community Network (SCN) is a valuable tool which I would suggest being the first step to help you solve issues that you are running into. Not only does it search

Happy 2011! One of my goals last year was to be active in my blogging. I wasn’t as prolific as I had hoped but I will attribute that to it being my first real year