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Tony Rosenthal

Following on from David Evans’ blog on ways to improve performance of the SAP CRM order taking process in the ERP Order scenario, I wanted to share some imaginative approaches that we have taken to

About a year ago I wrote a blog looking at the social solutions that SAP offered within its CRM platform. Well things have been moving at a hectic pace over the last 12 months as

While many organisations are still coming to terms with the idea of Social CRM and the impact social media channels are having on their industries, the Consumer Products organisations are leading the way. However it goes

For the last few years the web has been buzzing as more and more people have been using social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Inevitably organisations have been wondering how they can

Summary This blog describes an example for integrating a standard sales order field from ECC into the Lean Order Interface so that it can be displayed in the CRM Web UI. There are essentially 5 steps required:  Extend the

Having recently worked on a CRM 7.0 implementation that utilised the ECC Lean Order Interface (LORD API), I wanted to share a few insights and lessons that may help you plan your implementation. But before