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Big thanks to Fabian Herschel and Peter Schinagl from SUSE for proof-reading the blog. First part of this blog is located here: Be Prepared for Using Pacemaker Cluster for SAP HANA – Part 1: Basics

Be Prepared for Using Pacemaker Cluster for SAP HANA – Main Part Introduction I am probably stating obvious when saying that every infrastructure deployment option needs to be properly tested before it can be used

Here is the second part of SAP TechEd Las Vegas keynote coverage – first part can be found here: SAP TechEd 2015 Las Vegas – Keynote Coverage: Steve Lucas (part 1) If you do not

So I am back home after SAP TechEd and finally managed to get things under control after one week of absence and found some time to write the blog covering SAP TechEd event in Las

Few months back I was offered opportunity to speak at SAP TechEd 2015 in Las Vegas. First thing that crossed my mind was the question on what is the right subject to cover. Since I

Here is my third and last part of the SAP Sapphire 2015 coverage. I apologize for delay but SAP Sapphire is very intensive experience and it was impossible for me to find time required to

Seems my commitment to write one blog each day is already very behind. Keynote on Wednesday was packed with information so it took some time to summarize all the information and the summary is quite

I am typically not writing any blogs during SAP Sapphire – the reason is that SAP Sapphire is in my opinion oriented more on business, sales and marketing point of view and not that much

In latest release (SAP HANA SP09) SAP released new SAP HANA feature – Multitenant Database Containers (MDC). I am personally excited by this news and I am seeing there quite a huge potential. But what

During SAP Global Press Conference web-cast (Tuesday, May 7th) SAP revealed their vision for SAP cloud-based offering. This announcement was followed by a series of blogs and SAP Sapphire sessions/keynotes/discussions where SAP did a really