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Be prepared A decent preparation before heading to SAPPHIRE NOW can help to avoid unnecessary stress and ease your mind when the conference gets closer and closer. Upon registration, you received a mail with a

Sometimes you can bump into weird issues in SAP Solution Manager and you can really crack your head open looking for a solution. The solution might not even be complex but it’s not always easy

Being back from SAP TechED Barcelona 2017, I can hardly remember the last time that I was so inspired by attending a SAP event. Not that the event itself was so different this year compared

Call for action: if you’re interested to talk / discuss around SAP Solution Manager and SAP Technology, please track me down at SAP TechED 2017 Barcelona. Below, you can find some spots where it will

Just recently I bumped into an issue which I’ve not seen before after gearing up a productive SAP Solution Manager 7.2 system. I decided to share the outcome of my small quest to resolve this

Disclaimer: this blog posts shows you how you can create your own custom Fiori tile on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for Change Management (applicable to other SAP Solution Manager scenario’s such as ITSM where you

A rollercoaster of emotions at SAP TechED Barcelona 2016. Having had time to reflect on one of the most amazing and rememborable SAP TechED’s over the past years I come to realize that the topic

SAPPHIRE NOW represented a week of inspiration and to some extent madness for me as a SAP Mentor. Luckily I was invited to lunch with Marc Oliver Schaefer so we had the opportunity to catch

Empathy is key I’m back home after a week of inspiration at SAP’s annual SAPPHIRENOW conference in Orlando Florida. The conference kicked off with a keynote where empathy was the central theme after a number

Many customers have a service desk in place which is used for all departments, throughout the company. That service desk often is not SAP Solution Manager. This means that in many cases, it can become