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Tobias Trapp

On 10th of March the fourth SAP Inside Track Frankfurt took place. As previous event we decided to offer two code Jams in parallel – and SAP made it possible. In an SAP Code Jam

For the first time at a SAP TechEd EMEA, SAP Mentors offered a daily 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation in Barcelona. Svea Becker from SAP, who works within the SAP Mentor Program Management team, is also

Everyone who worked in IT projects experiences stress. If the stress gets too strong, even most passionate people will start to suffer. A sketched a typical working day in an IT project in the picture

This blog is about some basic statistical methods which are used sometimes for fraud management. The application is very simple: given a list of f.e. expenses we can prove whether they are suspicious or not.

In my blog series about Decision Management with HANA and R I gave some examples about analytical and predictive rules with HANA and R. I covered use cases like time series forecast and (integer) optimization

In the last blog entry I introduced business rules using prediction algorithms: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/09/analytical-business-rules-hana-r-forecasting-time-series/. Therefore I used R which can be called from HANA using SQLscript which can be called from BRFplus rules. In this blog

This blog series is about analytical business rules. I will focus on advanced techniques using R in BRFplus rule systems. R is together with PAL one tool that enhances HANA with techniques from predictive analytics. Operational

In this blog series I will share my experience working with HANA and R. In this entry I will describe two ways of integration HANA and R: “Inside-out” and “Outside-In”. When you connect the R

This blog entry is about architecture of ABAP applications. You can see it as part of my series about the ABAP package concept. The topic of this blog series is the following: How can we

In this blog entry I’ll describe impact of OSS note 2297645 for ABAP development: https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2297645/ . For me this is a very important ABAP innovation. SAP Partners and software architects now can optimize existing ABAP