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Hi, I want to share with you some special considerations and settings that has to be defined for specific tables if you replicate from an ABAP source or into an ABAP target that is using

Hi, as already announced at TechED this year, here is the new Performance Optimization Guide for SLT: https://support.sap.com/content/dam/library/SAP%20Support%20Portal/support-programs-services/solution-manager/integrated-tools/landscape-transformation-software/SAP%20Activate/SLT%20Performance%20Guide.pdf Feel free to post here any feedback. Best, Tobias

Hey TechEd fans! I had the pleasure to present the lecture DMM108 – Real-Time Data Replication with SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server at TechEd Las Vegas, Berlin and Bangalore. So some of you already know

Hi, there are minor use cases, where you want to automate procedures like, start/stop or you need details of a configuration within an other tool. SAP LT Replication Server comes with some RFC enabled API’s:

SAP LT Replication Server will have serveral sessions at TechEd && dcode this year. Please let me know if you wish a meeting at our pod on the showfloor. We are looking forward to meet

This blog will give an overview on all available How To documents: Setup: How to replicate from ABAP to ABAP Step by step procedure for Data replication from Non-ABAP source system to SAP HANA using

Hi community, with DMIS 2011 SP6 we released the capability for ABAP to ABAP replication. The underlying database is not imporatent for this setup. We get more and more request how to set it up.

Hi, whenever a deletion of a record is detected within the source system, SLT will execute the same operation also on the target. In some scenarios you would like to avoid exectly this behaviour. This

Hi SLT community, This How To describe a new expert function released with DMIS 2011 SP6 wthat allows to filter directly in the source for the initial load to reduce the transfer volume (if you

Hi, this blog post describe the steps to adjust the target table during the replication. Some manuel steps are required. DMIS 2011 SP7: There are two options. The recommended approach is the execution of the