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Temos o prazer em anunciar que o evento Meetup Rio de Janeiro 2016.2 com foco em ABAP será realizado no dia 01/12 na SENAC, unidade Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Não deixe de reservar esta data, porque

SAP Mobile Platform 3 (on premise) can be installed in a developer and production mode. For the production mode, you can specify an external database, like HANA, DB2, Oracle, ASE, etc. If you want or

Recently I installed and configured Personas 3 on my NetWeaver 7.5 system. In fact, this is really easy on NW 7.5. Following the master guide and the configuration guide gives you in short time a

Rui Nogueira posted already his IoT sample app (Fish import and export), implemented using Java and REST. Gregor Wolf posted a version using HANA XS and exposing the service as OData via XSOData. I am

The use cases where you want to have your own SAP NetWeaver ABAP system available on your laptop are various and the benefits are obvious. The why can be described in a simple phrase: Learning

Temos o prazer em anunciar o segundo SCN Meetup Rio de Janeiro. Junte-se a nós no instituto INFNET no centro do Rio de Janeiro para o SAP Community Network Meetup Rio de Janeiro em 13

Lately I was playing around with HCP and Olingo and wanted to expose a JPA model as OData. I created some data using EJB and then tried to read this data via OData. Accessing the

I guess you saw the TechEd Las Vegas keynote were BUILD was prominently shown and now want to try it out. Good news is that you can get BUILD from GitHub. Problem is that the

I am going to TechEd Las Vegas 2015. My flight is departing on my birthday (dedication), and I hope that I will be jet lag free starting 19.10. My flight back to Rio is on

I came recently across a strange error while trying to access my SAP Afaria 7 self-service portal. Suddenly I got a 403 error message. The server was down for a few days as I did