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In the sales order header, on the tab “Billing Document”, there exists a possibiltity to influence the tax determination. In the block “Billing” fields exists to enter manually an alternative tax classification for the customer:

One of the more common mistakes I came across again and again in my own work as an SAP Support Engineer is caused by modifications in user-exits. In the include RV60AFZZ (transaction SE38) several exits

In my work life as a SAP Support Engineer in the SD ERP billing area, I often face delicate situations. Sure, for the functioning of an ERP system the invoicing process is of major importance.

When a condition record is created in transaction VK11, the system automatically uses an end of the validity date with 31.12.9999: In case this valid-end-date is kept as such, with 31.12.9999, then in the further

Often it is unclear, how the item numbers are determined in the invoice, when into one single delivery several sales orders are combined together, and batch items are present as well. Two customizing settings are

Usually for the item numbering the customizing setting in transaction VOFA is decisive – field “Increment of item number” – technical name: TVFK-INCPO: Now in general this setting decides with which increments the item numbers

One of the more common problems occurs after data had been copied from the productive system to a test or development system, there on the target system the accounting document is not shown in the

One of the most complicated error messages that can occur, when you try to create an accounting document from an invoice (transaction VF02 -> “release to accounting”) is the one “Balance in transaction currency”, which

The error message V1331 occurs most often in sales order processing and you can find threads about here in the SCN Forum. However, if custom own coding is programmed wrongly, then it can pop up

In transaction VF02 when you try to release a cancellation invoice to accounting (by clicking on the button with the green flag or pressing SHIFT+ F4) , instead of the creation of an accounting document