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Welcome to my latest update in the BI4 Diagnostic series. I left off speaking about the pillars of monitoring in BI4 and how these pillars are critical to the whole solution offering in BI4. I

In my original blog in this series I began by covering the leading monitoring types. I now want to go into what I like to refer to as the pillars of monitoring. It’s all about

In this series of blog posts I will start with how we approached our new monitoring capabilities and the type of monitoring we have available. In subsequent posts I will go through which solution this

Technical Specifications SAP has enabled its Business Analytic customers the capability to establish secure connections to SAP over the Internet for support purposes. Currently, SAP offers two alternative ways to connect to the Support Network

When we take a high level view of the supportability tools used to facilitate the root cause analysis process we settle on the three main areas. Those areas are attended root cause analysis, unattended root

Remote Support Component Service Pack 3   With the release of service pack 3 the installation and configuration times are drastically reduced. This is the best opportunity to take advantage of a custom developed monitoring

A History Of Monitoring Historically SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise has not really had a strong grasp on being able to monitor itself. The solution was to use third party tools specifically designed for monitoring. In many

I recently invested some time to review some research provided by ServiceXRG. They published an extensive document on ‘Applying Remote Support Technology for Maximum Impact’. After reviewing this information I took a look into how

     I look into the differences between these two solutions to explain which one would be best for the various SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 landscapes. Every SAP BusinessObjects installation should have a system monitoring

Let me first explain a bit more about SAProuter and what it is then I can get into how it will impact SAP BusinessObjects. SAProuter controls the access to your network, acting as an application