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Hello Everyone & Hello #ADTTeam, today Alexander Geppart and me would like to contribute to the wishes of Fábio Luiz Esperati Pagoti from his blog post and @michelle.crapo5: My Wishes for SAP in 2018. We come up with some combined feature request to

During the Former Member course: Writing Testable Code for ABAP by Jürgen Heymann and Thomas Hammer  Alexander Geppart and me started to improve our unit test skills.   On request of Enno Wulff we want to share an example here: SETUP method 1.

In the project we came across the challenge to find information within a list of objects in the debugger. in the ALV display you will only see all the objects instances.   Using debugger scripts

Last week I ended up with a task to convert special characters before writing them into a text file for a legacy system ( no #utf-8 support ) using : OPEN DATASET lv_filename FOR APPENDING

During the creation of one of my last methods I came accrosse the missing option to create multiple importing parameter at once. When working with other prefedined components it will be very helpfull to create

During SAPTechEd 2017 I came across the Idea to write my recommendations down that help others to do best at the conference and to overcome some hurdles. The Intention is to help new visitors to

I started this already via Twitter how to fetch or map two values from an internal table if you are not interested in the whole line Input:     lt_vbpa   (just an internal table with some more

With custom_code we, the abapdevelopers, support our business with our super power to develop software exactly to their current needs. We want to be fast & flexible in innovation and adopt business needs as fast

Disclaimer: This is a proposal of an SCN Member and not an authorized solution by SAP. Pls. be aware what you do! Motivation In my Post I pointed out the Issue that #adt can not

Hello we are working in a multi system setup: MaintDEV -> MainTST -> PRD ProjDEV  -> ProjTST -> prePRD To handle changes in the two dev Systems we have we use Solution Manager Retrofit and