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New trends in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are calling into question many traditional processes — and that includes the provision of business intelligence inside organizations. Please join me and SAP Analytics Evangelist

There’s been a lot of talk about Design Thinking and SAP Leonardo over the last year. Here are some nice real-world examples of customers who used these techniques to innovate in their industry, with an

Happy New Year! I hope you had a chance to snuggle up with a copy of the latest edition of Digitalist Magazine Executive Quarterly over the holidays! If you didn’t, here’s why should, with my

In order to understand the importance of SAP Leonardo, it vital to realize that it’s a key step in SAP’s own digital transformation. Digital transformation is leading to rapid changes in every industry — and

There are a lot of opinions about what works when it comes to digital transformation — but we wanted data! So SAP created and recently released a new Digital Transformation Executive study, supported by Oxford

What’s SAP Leonardo? It’s not just a product, it’s more like ingredients, a recipe, and a cooking class. I’m a big fan of analogies to help explain complex ideas. SAP Leonardo is a “digital innovation

Hello SAP Community! I’m in marketing. But, I hope, the good kind. What does that mean? Well, I posted a quick thought to LinkedIn yesterday: “Yes, marketing departments should look after after lead generation and

SAP Leonardo isn’t a product, it’s a “digital innovation system” — what’s the difference and why would you care? The goal of SAP Leonardo is to help you “innovate at scale to confidently redefine your

I know it’s a strange question. But as with any hot topic, there are a lot of different terms thrown around that can mean slightly different things and lead to confusion. Here’s my attempt to

This is the Tesla autopilot in action — and it’s a great analogy for the future of digital business. As every Tesla car equipped with autopilot drives down the street, it’s using sensors and the