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Current economic conditions around the world provide a good foundation for growth. But unprecedented levels of market uncertainty mean that organizations have to be ready to change strategy faster than ever before. Growth around the

The NBA is the #1 global sports league — and analytics is helping make it even better. The NBA London Global Games 2017 were held last week, accompanied by an NBA-sponsored Leaders Meet: Innovation technology

The latest Digitalist Magazine Executive Quarterly covers the big changes we can expect as artificial intelligence enters the workplace. Computers have long helped us with our analytic tasks at work. But new technology options mean

Artificial intelligence is gaining traction faster than anybody imagined — quickly knocking down the dominoes of complex tasks that computers have long struggled with. For example, in April this year Wired Magazine ran an article

I’d like to try to tempt you to take part in a New-Yorker-style cartoon caption contest. I’m an amateur cartoonist, on themes like analytics, innovation, social media, and marketing (they’ve been featured in places a diverse

We’re now clearly in an exponential technology world. Each year brings the same amount of innovation as the previous several years — and the human brain finds it hard to imagine the consequences. For perhaps

Data is at the very core of the business models of the future – and this means wrenching change for some organizations. We tend to think of our information systems as a foundation layer that

I’m hopelessly confused on how to use the new forum and I don’t believe it’s intuitive enough to encourage new users… There’s a reason that magazine web sites and your facebook home page are full of attractive

Just some fun for dataviz fans — charts you might want to take to a desert island, drawn on a napkin with my official SAP pen…

It turns out that what’s stopping people from moving to cloud analytics isn’t what I expected. I recently moderated a web seminar with a presentation from Dan Vesset of IDC talking about the Future of