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There are many instances where an end user needs to do the following: Ask for a SAP HANA user name and password Reset their SAP HANA password Update their profile settings Originally, these above processes

As many of you BusinessObjects experts understand, stored procedures need to be leveraged from time to time.  This gives you that added flexibility to leverage complex logic that you may not be able to do

We all need to generate time dimensions within HANA.  This generation depends on if your business leverages the gregorian calendar and/or the fiscal year calendar and which associated variant.  This drives the tables that are

One of the areas that still has not been handled correctly in any of the versions of HANA is leveraging MARM for the UOM conversion.  Since you can use out of the box conversion functionality,

We all would like to have a 3 tier landscape but in many instances this is not possible due to costs.  HANA is not different and in many of the clients that I have worked

One area that didn’t have a lot of information available was HANA security and how you should set your environment up.  I always look at security as one of the most important capabilities that needs

I recently completely a white paper on the benchmarks between BW on HANA and BW on Oracle.  The purpose of this white paper was to provide true (actual) metrics when comparing the 2 instead of

I wanted to talk about something outside of HANA and the BI world and get back to something that I have learned to love and hate…Travel!  No one can really like to travel because it

SAP HANA is s a real-time, in-memory database that enables organizations to process “big data” in support of transactional processing, operational reporting, advanced analytics and predictive modeling. With that said, SAP HANA has the potential

Like many consultants, from project managers to the worker bees, documentation always is the elephant in the room.  No one wants to do it and sometimes it feels like a burden versus beneficial.  I have