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Tim Clark

In these heady days of digital disruption, you never know what odd-ball invention is lurking around the corner. Self-driving slippers? Check. Cat-shaped car vending machines? You betcha. A “snap together”, modular, autonomous vehicle? Why not? Yes,

Over the past few years I’ve delved into the topic of customer experience, uncovering how new technologies are empowering businesses to know more about their customers than ever before. While there’s nothing wrong with beer

What are the traits of a memorable logo? The answer might vary depending on where you look and who you ask. But certainly, the most iconic logos of our time such as Nike, Apple and

A recent pair of articles covering the topic of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has me confused. On one hand, there’s very positive news from recent PwC findings that suggest A.I. could drive $15.7 trillion in productivity

From sea to shining sea, a very stark message is resonating when it comes to competing in today’s digital economy: The customer experience is king. It doesn’t matter what size company, industry or product. Creating,

In today’s era of fake news, it’s becoming more difficult to separate order from bluster, insight from obtuseness and fact from fiction. And while Silicon Valley is well-known for relying too heavily on inane jargon

Movies and television have proved to be uncanny indicators of what’s to come. Innovations that first appeared in 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Minority Report and even Star Trek and The Jetsons, are now

We’re all very familiar with how companies like Uber (they don’t own any cars!) and Facebook (they don’t create any content!) have disrupted their respective industries. There’s a good reason these oft-used examples of digital

If you think machine learning is nothing more than a boring, algorithm-crunching process that’s buried somewhere on a back end server, think again. As the amazing demo below reveals, machine learning can help online customer

Let’s face it: there are many fragile – and oftentimes broken – moments in the customer journey. Departmental hand-offs and changes in channel, for instance, add complexity and threaten to derail purchases and sometimes harm