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SAP .NET Connector 3.0 is now released and you surely want to know more about it.. In this weblog I want to Give you a very short overview on what is new with the SAP

SAP NetWeaver Enhancement Package 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7, which is delivered with Enhancement Package 5 of SAP ERP, brings a whole series of new ABAP Language features that make application development easier and more

In this weblog we will tell you how to use the Enhancement and Switch Framework most efficiently when you adapt SAP programs as customer or partner and how to save a lot of time and

This is weblog 7 of the series on the use cases of the Switch and Enhancement Framework. Here you get a basic understanding of the third use case: the Enhancement Package strategy of SAP ERP

Have you already heard about the re-integration of the SAP IS in the ERP core? Do you know that the underlying technology to enable this large project is the Enhancement and Switch Framework? But how

This weblog of the series on the Enhancement- and Switch-Framework explains how you switch enhancements and what the point of switching is. You will both understand how useful switching is and how it is realized

This is weblog 4 of the series on the use cases of the Enhancement- and Switch Framework. (You find a list with links to all weblogs of this series at the bottom the SDN Wiki

In this weblog I will show you step by step, in fact there are only a few steps, how easy it is to enhance the global class from our example. Surely you remember from the

Adding just one enhancement to an existing SAP application will usually not do the job. But what is the job of an enhancement? Most probably you want to add some change to an existing application,

You have heard about the new Enhancement Packages of SAP ERP 6.0 or that SAP Industry Solutions are now all developed in one system, delivered on one set of DVDs and you just switch on