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Technology companies or companies using technological tools face challenges in a modern digital environment. Due to the competitive nature of the technology industry, change is a constant part of the business. Companies must be able

We’re living in exciting times. All around us transformative technologies are enabling us to navigate unfamiliar territory, eliminate mundane tasks, gain unprecedented insights into our businesses, monitor our health, learn new skills, and explore the

Get an overview of five key initiatives that require new business capabilities along the value chain for aerospace and defense companies. See how companies can transform business and process models through digitally enabled core processes

The impact of the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is impressive. In 2016 alone the A&D Industry provided the infrastructure to transport over 3.7 billion passengers, delivered over 1800 new commercial aircraft and launched 85 orbital space

The high-tech industry is poised to play a unique role in the digital economy, not just as an enabler of digital transformation, but also as a potential disrupter of all industries. By 2020, according to

Across the value chain aerospace and defense (A&D), companies are discovering the power of digital change. Leveraging new technology A&D companies find that changes to business processes have significant impact. For one, digital changes allow

“In the next 20 years, parts manufacturing in the aerospace will look completely different, and 3D printing will be the catalyst.” Says Joachim Zettler, CEO of APWorks. SAP and APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry continues to transform at a dramatic rate. This transformation is fueled in large part by digitization that permeates every aspect of the sector. The rapid changes are happening in

Big Data it is opening doors within the aerospace and defense (A&D) industries and in new markets. The digital power of Big Data transcends the aerospace and defense product lifecycle. 3D printing is revolutionizing supply

Imagine a jet engine that tells you which parts need redesigning. Imagine equipment that let you know when internal parts were wearing. What if your equipment told you when a drop in efficiency occurred? Big