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How to use Design Thinking as an end to end innovation process? This is the question I’m asking myself frequently. Many people might say, Design Thinking is already an innovation process by definition, so why

Recently I’ve attended the InsideAR conference in Munich http://www.metaio.com/insidear/. This is a worldwide leading open event for Augmented Reality (AR), hosted by Metaio, which is a leading company for AR located in Munich and the

Thankfully, nowadays it is best practice in software development to validate UX designs for new software with future users as soon as possible. This is especially true, if the development team works according to Design

You may have heard about the book from Alex Osterwalder called “Business Model Generation” (http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com) which addresses a generation of visionary entrepreneurs who like to go beyond traditional business models and create new future-oriented companies