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Raj Kumar Reddy

Hi All, I have been a Basis Admin for more than a decade, seen my fair share of issues and sometimes you come across information that is worth sharing with your SCN buddies. This is a general

Issue: Users want to use MS Word as editor rather than old line editor in various transactions. Resolution: Please follow these steps to set MS Word as Editor 1: Go to T-Code I18N 2: Expand

Issue: SU01 User ID Search results incomplete Replication steps: T-Code SU01 > F4 > Wild card User ID search eg: *reddy Search results are showing only 1 user although 3 user’s exist in the system

Issue: SAP GUI History (backspace) for fields is not getting saved. Pre-Requisites: – Close all your SAP sessions including your SAP logon pad Resolution/Procedure: Go to Windows Start > All Programs > SAP Front End

Requirement: Send batch job spool to multiple users via email Solution: This can be accomplished 2 ways. One of to have a distribution email ID created by your mail admin or do it in SAP

Hi All, Attached is the script that I wrote to allow auto login into various SAP clients by simply clicking on the system from SAP logon pad. Prerequisites: GUIXT must be activated guixt.sjs config file

Requirement: Need to give user access to a particular table to maintain without giving access to SM30/SE16 Solution: Assign a Z Transaction to the table view/maintenance directly. Steps: In our example we will use a

Requirement: Need an option similar to SMLG (for dialog users) to manage batch jobs. Load balancing for batch jobs Solution: Similar to logon groups (SMLG) for dialog users you can create a batch server group

Issue: Not able to export as XLSX from ME2N (ALV grid view), and not able to change the default output option using &reset_excel Solution: After executing the report in ME2N most of us try &reset_excel