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Hello SAPers! Here is second part of the post on note to payee functionality in SAP. The first part was published a bit earlier and covered customizing setup for note to payee as well as

Hello SAPers! I’ve planned to write this post for some time, but began working on it just recently. I hope it would be of interest for you and will give some new insights on note to

Hello SAPers! Quite often in the process of gathering business requirements regarding management of payables due date, you will come across a requirement to have payment terms with fixed date e.g. on 15th of December.

Hello SAPers! If you’ve ever configured or provided post go-live support for topics related to electronic bank statement, then you most probably encountered error message saying: “Following entries are missing in table T028G”. This a

Hello SAPers! There are quite many guides on how to use user exits in FI-substitutions, however these materials refer primarily to application of exits for substitution logic i.e. the logic that is triggered once the

Hello SAPers!   As promised earlier in some of my posts, here is an article on usage of exit modules in DME engine. I hope this post would be of interest for you and will give

Hello SAPers!   Here is another blog post exploring DMEE functionality options. Hope it will be interesting and will give you new insights on DME engine. DMEE engine provides a lot different mapping options that

Hello SAPers! Standard report RFUMSV00 “Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.” (for the purposes of this article also referred to as tax report) can be used for different tax reporting purposes. Apart from purely analytical

Hello SAPers! Here is an article that provides an overview of transaction S_ALR_87012357 – Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur. On the first glance, this is a standard and well-known transaction, but in my opinion there are a lot

Hello SAPers! Here is another article on DMEE functionality, which I hope might be of interest for you. SAP provided quite sophisticated mapping options mechanism that allows you to populate nodes in DMEE tree with necessary