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In SAP sample ALV report BCALV_GRID_01, when the output is downloaded into spreadsheet XXL format. Colors appear for the key rows and column headings with default color. In this blog we are going to see

I came across a problem where the copyright pop up message during logon is appearing as English with logon in Chinese language. After investing lot of time, found below way to translate those texts. These

To add a custom button in a standard screen, best way is to search for a screen exit or screen enhancement BADI. In case both are not available for the screen, then we can do

This document will explain you the analysis steps when you get run time error DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR with error text ORA-01653: unable to extend table. Run time error details: Runtime Errors         DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR Except.                   CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB SQL error 1653

This document will help you to upload file from presentation to application server and download from application into presentation server. In SCM 5.00, there is no transaction CG3Z and CG3Y like in ECC for uploading

This document will help you to find the where used list of the planning area in process chain steps in DP. List of process types considered: SCM_DP003    Initialize (Create Time Series Objects) SCM_DP004    Deintitialize (Delete

This document will explain you on how to use the custom user defined functions in the decision step of the process chain. IMPLEMENTATION OF BADI “RSAR_CONNECTOR” Display the BADI “RSAR_CONNECTOR” in SE18 Create an implementation

Hello friends, in this blog I am going to write about work life balance and SCN. Lets start with a question, 🙂   How many of you know the exact meaning of work-life balance, why

Welcome all to my BIF. First of all thanks to Suseelan Hari for introducing me to the BIF community and inspiring me to write a blog. I am not a blogger, so please provide your

For example lets take an example of BAPI_PO_CREATE1. 1) Find the package of the BAPI in which it is stored. 2) Goto SE11 and give BAPI_TE_* in the data type and press F4. 3) Click