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In SAP Business One 9.3, on any document for posting date,due date,document date we can set as using Arithmetic Operator. (e.g. ‘+10’ , ‘-10’ , ‘+2m’ (for months), ‘+1y’  for year). e.g. +10 Means if

Hi, Kindly refer my previous blog for HTTP session located on Tomcat side https://blogs.sap.com/?p=584233  For SAP login session timeout Go to Administration >>System Initialization>>General Settings>>Services tab>>Screen Locking Time (Min.)  Make changes in this field Screen Locking Time (Min.) Hope your

In SAP 9.2  PL09 Most of the time we login SAP through browser access but its closed due to session timeout  Do changes in server file for timeout session.   path:>C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One