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As a software solution, SAP has grown and developed a lot since its inception, but one thing that has been a bit lackluster has been its approach to reporting, until now that is. At current,

Efficiency in processes can considerably speed up a company’s operations, whether it’s packaging, shipping or even administration. The heart of efficiency is the processing of information, and the most common methodology for dealing withy this

An intelligent enterprise is one that seeks to streamline its decision making process to get results in the shortest period of time. Efficiency coupled with access to data and the ability to adapt on the

SAP NetWeaver represents the touchpoint between users of SAP systems and the technology that SAP presents to the end user. originally released in 2004, NetWeaver has gone through a number of updates both large and

SAP system access reviews are the bane of any modern SAP systems administrator. The system itself does not lend itself to ease of use and manual access log traversal can be time-consuming, slow, and possibly

SAP HANA is typically a complex piece of software but its complexity is due to the amount of tasks it handles for a business. When we look at simplification, one tends to think that in

S/4HANA Finance 1610 offers a wide range of financial tools for a company to use, but finding the best ways to employ those tools so that a business can benefit from them the most requires

The general understanding in operating within a business is that once a bank statement comes in, it must be posted to the books in order to ensure that our records balance with the records of

The database remains the core concept of storing a business’ information as well as querying that information to generate insights. However, as time marches on, the traditional database of the past with SQL and PHP

When companies adopt SAP for their usage, they rarely ever consider it a software suite that research and development (R&D) teams could benefit from. However, because of its robust documenting system, SAP serves as the