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In an era when instant gratification is not soon enough, the expectations of the average consumer is requiring businesses to keep pace by moving at a mind boggling pace. By example, when my brand new

Things are rough and tough if you are in the telecommunications industry because the business is drastically changing.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and take your eyes off the prize–the opportunity!  We are entering the

Dear Santa, There’s only one thing on my list this year, but it’s important. Even if you ignore everyone else’s list and just fulfill mine, you will bring joy to all because this gift would

Our stuff is getting smarter, there is no stopping it. The idea of smart TVs, phones and cars is either extremely exciting or incredibly scary because the possibilities are truly endless. Futurists predict that by

SAP is upping it’s game when it comes to showing the power of SAP in the world of sports.  We already know of some recent events that are showing how SAP makes a difference in

Taylor Swift isn’t known for her marketing savvy. She is famous for her music, her just-as-famous boyfriends and their very public breakups — and for turning those into modern-day love songs. But this millennial of

Being an innovative company can be more challenging for mature companies with established infrastructure and governance. Your company surely began because you saw a need that was not met in the marketplace, you had an

UPDATED: Due to technical difficulties we could not broad cast on the original date. Please join Sue and I this Thursday! See all the details below. Join us on Thursday, May 22 at 12 EST

Business as usual is not going to cut it anymore.  Technology is advancing rapidly and so are the needs of customers.  Therefore, it is imperative to adopt new technologies quickly and use them to serve

The Super Bowl is the greatest game on Earth!  Well, it is at least right now, as the world has some pretty spectacular games planned for this year (The Olympics! The World Cup!) but it