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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud has been launched earlier this year following extensive work on Peta-byte scale SAP HANA infrastructure in our labs, working together with customers and partners. The outcome is a robust and elastic

Coming out of Retirement I used to be a frequent contributor to SDN until I got consumed by my new SAP assignment focusing on IT Management and Optimization. So finally, after two years in the

Process Modeling Tips and Tricks for Business Process Experts Start Big A process modeling initiative should start at a high level. Figure out how the business processes you plan on modeling fit into the overall

Some of you may have seen the Influence future product direction for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration for the XI customer polling end of last year. With this blog, I like to thank all the customers

Motivation for this blog Without going right to the conclusion of this blog, the performance of cross component Business Process Management (ccBPM) of SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure is neither poor nor great, it is somewhere

co-production and copyright by Ginger Gatling and Swen Conrad Business Activity Monitoring – Introduction Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides the user with real time visibility into business critical process events. Such events may be blocked

UPDATE: This survey is now closed. Thank you! Call for Action! – Customer Polling in full swing Dear SDN members and SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure Gurus, SAP NetWeaver Product Definition and Product Management are currently

http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/uuid/925b02f9-0b01-0010-bbbf-c68268bb3c41″ width=”235″/> http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/uuid/7ec202f9-0b01-0010-589e-a51bcd596fed” width=”235″/> Rocket Science! – Yes or No? Introduction The topic of change management caused some controversy in the discussion of my last BPX related blog -> click here. I had stated that

How does this relate to the role of Business Process Expert? – Part 2/2 In the first part of this blog I described the role of a business analyst using ARIS for NetWeaver. I also